Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Maps debacle sees Forstall fired at Apple

Head of iOS Scott Forstall leaves along with retail boss John Browett as Cook responds to recent controversies Apple has announced a major shake-up at management level, with two senior execs being shown the door.
It is the biggest change at the company since founder and CEO Steve Jobs resigned in 2011.

Head of iOS software Scott Forstall will be leaving Cupertino next year but will remain on board as an advisor to CEO Tim Cook until then.

Forstall is paying the price for the iOS 6 maps debacle, when Apple dumped Google's mapping software in favour of its own. As soon as the software was available users started to complain about its quality, with roads and even entire cities being mislabelled or even missed out completely.

So severe were the problems that Cook was forced to issue an apology and even suggested users switch to an alternative mapping app until Apple had fixed the problems.