Friday, 26 October 2012

Choose a mobile carrier for your small business

Although you may have only a handful of major wireless providers to choose from, each offers an array of plans, services, devices, and pricing. Voice, messaging, and data aren’t the only options now that you have mobile Internet for laptops, tablets, and even mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.
This guide steps through the important features and hidden fees to watch for when you're selecting a mobile provider. If you're in the market for a carrier to keep your staff connected and productive, read on. If you're looking for a handset and service plan for yourself alone, start with PCWorld's consumer cell phone buying guide
.As for choosing a voice-minutes package, most providers offer free calls on nights and weekends. Therefore, start with a daily workday estimate of the minutes and multiply that by 21 for the month. Does your staff require text or multimedia messaging? Estimate how many messages per day and per month each person will use. From there, pick one of the bundles that cover a set amount of messages, or select an unlimited option.
How many of your employees travel often enough to need an Internet connection on their laptops, netbooks, or tablets? If one staffer has a mobile phone with a data plan, could that person use the phone's Internet connection via tethering instead of purchasing exclusive access for his or her other mobile devices? Or, if multiple employees typically travel together, could you provide Internet to all through a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot?
If the mobile carrier also provides Internet and phone service for the office, it's worthwhile to get quotes for a package that bundles wired and wireless service.


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