Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Industrial Inkjet Printer

Another innovation from Inkcups Now! The XJET is the world's first industrial UV LED inkjet printer designed for both short-run and long-run industrial printing. 

Designed expressly for the needs of the Industrial Printing and Promotional Product marketplace, this machine fills the long-existing void between the slower smaller inkjet printers and extremely expensive high-speed but medium-print-quality inline machines. It combines the best XY flatbed scanning systems features (high-quality graphics, ability to change quality settings) with the high-production capabilities of inline inkjet systems. 

The XJET UV inkjet printer is inexpensive to tool and quick to changeover, it is conveyorized for high throughput and automation capability. Compared to other machines, the XJET delivers improved image quality and lower consumable costs (ink costs a mere $0.0015 per square inch!) 

The XJET uses the X series UV LED ink, which is compliant with CPSIA, California Proposition 65 and other regulations. 

This innovation from Inkcups Now is exactly what the market has been waiting for. It's the Game Changer.