Tuesday, 5 February 2013

5 Keys to Selling More Through Social media Networks

Today more companies are using social networks as sales support than ever before. Online commerce is evolving at a rapid pace and it is common to find deals, discounts for a limited time and all kinds of products in our timelines. However, from the perspective of large companies and SMEs, a good presence in networks can be vital for the future of their businesses.
Following are the five simple tips that you can use to sell more through social networks:

1. Make the Most of the Product and Innovation
If the product is good, it will sell by itself. But if accompanied by a shopping experience different and original, product can reach more users. Not all are discounts and offers, it is important to understand the product, its strengths. This will help in deciding which products belong in networks and which not.
It is also important to know the best practices of competition (known as ‘benchmarking’ ) to improve our strategy and add value.
2. Internet Evolves, Business to User Also
Using social networking as a sales channel means being a day on them and their changes. But not only visual changes as the interface, features, etc., but also in the concepts that comprise the network. One of the most important is the reciprocal (or feedback ), i.e. the business-user relationship.
Internet is conversation. Therefore it is important to listen to customers, talk and take account of their ratings (whether positive or not). Also keep in mind that the relationship with its consumer brand does not necessarily end after the sale, so a good treatment later could produce a ‘buzz’ resulting in the much sought virality.
3. Identify Your Target Audience
Having defined the strategy for selling through networks (in the case of a large company, this tactic should be aligned with the overall strategy), it is essential to identify what audience we must lead.
This will help target each platform with each audience with a focused message properly.
4. The Importance of Community
There are thousands of virtual communities. They are native in the network and are of all kinds. The product itself is considered a factor in the purchasing decision of a user. It is important to offer a positive image of the brand. This positive image can be achieved, for example, through effective customer service.
A quick and effective solution to a problem posed by a client helps minimize the negative comments that any brand generates.
5. Patience
The social commerce takes time and patience to be productive. Each step must be measured and monitored. The monitoring of behavior of public (what interests them, how they behave …) is one of the actions that cannot stop running.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Review of the Samsung ML-2165W Mono Laser Printer

Within 20 minutes of opening the package containing the Samsung ML-2165W, we were printing complicated legal documents that would hold up in any court. It's one of the best portable inkjet printers to come through our office.
The package comes with instructions, a user guide and a CD with the user manual and drivers. However, we didn't use any of it. We simply plugged the printer into a power source, then into the USB terminal of our test computer. The computer detected the printer automatically and downloaded the necessary drivers. We loaded the tray with paper and started printing. This Samsung printer is plug-and-play at its very best.
The Wi-Fi component of the printer is a bit more complicated than the USB option. Upon powering up the device, a new option appeared in our Wi-Fi network options labeled "Portthru." You do have to set up the printer through the normal procedures, making sure your computer recognizes the new hardware, but that only takes a few seconds. Once we did that, we were pleased to find that this printer is its own Wi-Fi island, with no need to connect it to an existing wireless network.

Samsung provides free apps for iOS, Android and Windows 7 devices that allow you to print photos and documents directly from your device. However, these are more complicated than the simply plug-and-play connection to the computer, and in our testing we were unable to get a document to print successfully.
This Samsung printer is small and portable. This is a double-edged sword because the load and print tray are less than a foot from each other. While putting the printer through its paces, we had to baby sit the whole process because if the print tray got too full, printed pages would fall out of the tray and onto the floor. One of the documents we printed was a 70-page legal document. Had we left the printer for a moment to get a cup of coffee, we would have come back to a mess of papers all over the test lab. When you're dealing with large, complicated projects, you don't want a printer than can disrupt the page order of documents.

For a printer this size, the load tray is surprisingly large. However, it becomes another baby-sitting issue if you're printing documents with high page counts. If the tray runs out of paper and you're not present to immediately replenish its supply, it can turn into a real hassle.
In truth, we spent most of our printing job pulling pages off the print tray before it got too full and making sure the load tray was full so running out of paper didn't interrupt the process.
At the end of our analysis, we believe that the Samsung ML-2165W is a good portable printer. It's best used for smaller jobs with low page counts. If you routinely print anything beyond 20 pages, consider buying a machine with a larger print tray.
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Desktop Computer Buyer’s Guide

The desktop computer is not what is once was thanks to the increased popularity of laptops, but it is still a mainstay of personal computing. The value and power offered by a desktop system, as well as the versatility and upgradeability is still unrivaled, making it a great choice for anyone who doesn’t have to move their computer around very often. Today’s desktops come in an incredible assortment of sizes, prices, and performance levels so there is one out there for every buyer.
This desktop computer buying guide will educate you about what to look for when buying your next desktop, on a component by component basis. Desktops are highly customizable so most consumers will able to make the best decision after learning about the parts and then going to a manufacturer’s website or retailer, opposed to narrowing in on a specific model. Today’s computer makers–the Dell’s, Lenovo’s, and HP’s of the world–are extremely competitive with one another so if you have your facts straight, choosing a computer will be easy and fun. After that it’s just about looking for the best price