Monday, 5 November 2012

Top Rated Desktop Computers 2012

When I purchased a laptop a couple of years ago I thought I'd just let my old desktop die a natural death and use my new laptop exclusively. I found though, that I was used to a large screen for many applications which required having several windows displayed simultaneously.

My old desktop had reached it's capacity with a full hard drive and outdated memory capabilities so I researched the Top Rated Desktop Computers 2012 and after using my nephew's Macbook I decided to purchase a Apple iMac 24-Inch Desktop

I'm very impressed with this unit mainly because of the ease of use in recording my guitar on Garageband and the in the streamlined photo and video editing and sharing features. I also don't miss the constant virus updates and patches I'd grown accustomed to with Windows on my old machine.

Below you'll find the top 10 best rated and top selling desktops and while I'm a satisfied convert to the iMac there are several lower priced PC's with the specs that should satisfy most users computing needs.

I hope you find a computer that will surpass your expectations while finding a very good deal.