Wednesday, 7 November 2012

An Attractive Notebook That Expresses Your Unique Personality

With its distinctive wrap design, accent color, and matching accessories, the VAIO E Series 14A notebook PC is a perfect reflection of your unique personality. The model is available in five different colors and also features an eye-catching accent color on its sides*, keyboard, and touchpad. A matching mouse and keyboard skin are also included, creating an overall effect that is colorful and stylish-just like you at your best

Cross Sensor
Clear 14 (35.6 Cms) LCD Screen
VAIO E Series notebooks feature a 14 (35.6 cms) wide display. Even when the screen is viewed from an angle, the picture retains its sharpness and clarity. Have even more fun watching movies and viewing photographic images.
Clear 14(35.6 cms) LCD screen
Long Battery Life*
The long battery life of the E14A Series is perfectly suited to help you meet the demands of your busy lifestyle. Whether at home or on campus, you’re bound to appreciate this enhanced capability. Now you can finally go the distance with a notebook that has as much stamina as you do. Stay on pace for longer and enjoy the freedom of your extra mobility.
* Estimated battery life (under JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method ver.1.0,measurement method (a)). Actual battery life may vary with different operating conditions and settings.
Clear 14(35.6 cms) LCD screen
Superb Sound Quality
Revel in this model’s superb sound quality. Sony technologies - “xLOUD” and “Clear Phase”- combine to produce superior sound that will increase your listening pleasure. “Clear Phase” reproduces a cleaner, more natural sound, while “xLOUD” boosts the speaker volume.

Dolby Home Theater® v4, which allows more specialized settings for movies, music, and games. Whatever your audio requirements, you'll love the sound produced by this notebook.
* Specifications differ by model.
Clear PhasexLOUD
USB* Charging Of Other Devices At Any Time
The USB charging feature allows you to rapidly recharge other devices from your notebook. Simply connect the device you want to recharge to the USB charging port. You can charge a device even when the notebook is turned off or is in Sleep mode and not connected to the AC mains. This feature is particularly useful if your smartphone or portable audio player suddenly runs out of battery power and you do not have easy access to a mains power outlet.
*USB cable not included.
Ultra-Fast USB 3.0 Connectivity
The notebook comes equipped with two USB 3.0 ports on its side. Both ports allow you to connect the PC to a USB device, such as an external hard disk or a printer. More than 10 times faster than USB 2.0, USB 3.0 allows extremely high-speed data transfer between the notebook and your USB 3.0 device. An enormous range of USB 3.0 devices is now becoming available, which will allow you to increase the versatility of your VAIO Series notebook.
* Specifications differ by model.